Business & Management Consulting

1. Feasibility Studies:
Any Greenfield healthcare facility will require an initial surveying or the healthcare ecosystem to be able to establish feasibility and the required return on investment.

We have provided guidance and developed feasibility reports and business plans for some of the leading hospitals and clinics in the MEA region where our Feasibility Studies and Report focus on:

  • Population analysis
  • Disease states
  • Clinical services gaps in the area
  • Overview of the Health System specific to the Country
  • Health Facility Regulations
  • SWOT analysis
  • Market Research
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management Strategy
  • Review of your Strategic Plans
  • Benchmarks for the New Healthcare Facility
  • Feasibility report on patient volumes and revenue sources to sustain the profitability of the healthcare facility
  • Coordination of user input into the briefing and design process

2. Project Management
Project / Program Management in the MEA region is perplexed by scarce and qualified resources to deliver complex healthcare projects. We provide quality assured methods to establish your project teams and governance structures to manage your implementation and commissioning activities. Save on Time, Costs & Effort by using our pre-built toolkits and have our certified project manager’s help you establish your programs and implement the controls necessary to succeed in your healthcare project initiatives.

Some of our PMO functions we deliver are:

  • Placement of a Executive Project Director
  • Project and Operational Organization Structures
  • Steering Committees and Project Teams (Clinical and Non-clinical)
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Budget Planning & Management
  • Reporting and Communication Plan
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Project Management Toolkit

3. Strategic and Business Planning
A review and development of current and future strategic business plans will form the basis of a healthcare facility design.

We have developed robust and sustainable business plans for some leading healthcare facilities and delivered outputs such as:

  • Development of Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives
  • Developing the Business Strategy Framework
  • Establish revenue streams and investment sources
  • Define payors, provider network, partnerships, affiliations, vendors
  • Confirm budget allocation and disbursement plans
  • Workforce planning & development

4. Model of Care and Services
Whether it is documenting current business processes or developing best practice proposed workflows, setting up business units or creating a departments scope of services, our teams have helped some of the most significant healthcare projects in the region see a transformation to effective and quality patient care.

We have helped with the complete development of a model of care and services scope for business units such as:


5. Design and Build the Physical Infrastructure
We work with partners and affiliates in the actual design of your healthcare facilities physical infrastructure.

Architectural designs, construction and fit-out of the healthcare facility will form part of the initial planning process and include:

  • Model of Care with Design Elements
  • Architecture designs and approval of plans
  • Tender process and award of physical construction, engineering, HVAC and fit-out to vendor(s)
  • Schematic design reviews and approvals
  • Construction Management (Capital Projects)
  • Building readiness inspection and hand-over
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Physical Building
  • Healthcare Facility Licensure

6. Healthcare Facility Commissioning

We have the experience to assist clients with the commissioning of brand new hospitals or clinics, providing expert assistance with planning, building and commissioning of the facility. We have proven on-going management ability with a track record illustrating major turnarounds in terms of profitability and service quality.

Commissioning will turn the new facility into a dynamic, functioning organization that provides a planned and improved service to the community and ROI for the investors / stakeholders.

We envisage the major components of the Commissioning Stage to be:

  • Defining the Opening Sequence
  • Workforce planning, recruitment and on-boarding
  • Facility readiness checks and building handover
  • Functional Testing of all Systems – power, lighting, HVAC, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Fire Safety, Waste Disposal etc.
  • Facility Management & Activation process
  • Security Activation process
  • Department / Business Unit set-up and readiness
  • Operational Procedures & Policies
  • Medical Equipment Scheduling & Procurement
  • IT activation / Data Centre
  • Supplies procurement
  • Implementation of all Systems
  • Training
  • Testing of all Systems
  • Publicity & Public Relations
  • Operations Activation Planning

7. Medical Equipment Planning (MEP) and Procurement

Whether you are planning healthcare facility renovations or construction of a new hospital, planning and procurement go hand in hand.

MEP involves a resource intensive aspect of your healthcare facility operations and requires:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Identify required equipment and medical devices (including fixed assets, wearable assets and consumables)
  • Establishing MEP lists following international standards (UNSPC)
  • Develop MEP specifications and requirements
  • Tender process for all medical equipment (Sourcing and selecting suppliers)
  • Delivery, installation, testing and activation of all medical equipment (working with vendors)
  • Training end-users
  • Establishing SLA’s and Maintenance Programs

Our network of associated suppliers will provide consistent quality and the best value for money. We oversee delivery, ensuring that it is timely and adheres to all project requirements.

To ensure a smooth client handover, our expert team coach and mentor the client’s management team to develop technical and managerial capacities while providing support to fine-tune systems and processes. The handover will encompass all SLA’s (Service Level Agreements), warranties and guarantees.

8. Supply Chain Management & Pharmaceuticals Brokering

Demand Planning, JIT inventory management and other areas of improvement such as optimized budgets and forecasts to limit overspend on inventory are some of the techniques we bring to healthcare organizations. We have been transforming healthcare supply chain operations into efficiently run business units that demonstrate year-on-year savings and optimal stock turnover that have had a direct impact on provider productivity and patient care outcomes.

Supply chain management consumes heavy financial resources and controls to ensure optimal patient care. The SCM department will be established using best practice principles and approaches such as:

  • JIT business processes to manage supplies
  • Procuring initial opening supplies requirements for medical and non-medical consumables
  • Technology that ensures optimization of supplies management and reduction in wasteage
  • Adoption of best practice standards such as GS1, UNSPC
  • Developing your item master that meets international standards
  • Item and vendor master data management
  • Develop your healthcare supply chain operations manual


We also have a established network of partners in the USA where we:

      • Arrange site visits to Supply Chain executives to leading hospitals in the USA
      • Provide shadowing and immersion experiences in hospitals in USA
      • Provide training and certification in Healthcare Supply Chain with leading academic institutions in the USA

9. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
We run an independent healthcare workforce planning and recruitment division that not only helps you develop your staffing needs but also provide guidance and support through the entire recruitment to retire process of workforce management.

Our Workforce Planning services include:

  • Development of Staffing needs
  • Documenting job descriptions
  • Managing Licensure and credentialing requirements
  • HAAD and DHA Licensing Service (in UAE)
  • Recruitment and onboarding of staff
  • Placement of medical staff into world-class medical facilities
  • Training in a specialized academy
  • Personalized wealth management
  • Travel and malpractice insurance coverage
  • Medical Insurance Cover for healthcare staff

10. Technology for Healthcare
Healthcare Information Technology forms part of the critical milestones during a healthcare facility design project, as automation is fundamental to the effective management of patients and operations management.

Our consultants in this field are ranked as leaders in deploying best-in-class solutions that meet the specific needs of your business and are able to deliver:

  • An IT strategy based on the elements of people, process, technology & governance
  • Development of a requirements database of all IT systems
  • Develop IT characteristics and future state maturity (Business, Information, Data, Applications and Technology dimensions) – using Enterprise Architecture
  • Develop Interoperability and Integration Standards / Strategy
  • Manage sourcing, procurement, design, build and implementation of all IT systems
  • Recommend vendor solutions based on our extensive research and market intelligence
  • Help you develop Protective Contracting when sourcing Healthcare IT systems

11. Healthcare Facility Operations Management
Healthcare Facility Management includes clinics, pharmacy, hospital and referral services and managing all systems optimally as an efficient integrated unit.

Our services include all the aspects that a hospital requires to function at its optimal level for quality healthcare.

We have the experience to assist clients with the commissioning of brand new hospitals or clinics, providing expert assistance with planning, building and commissioning of the facility.

We have proven on-going management ability with a track record illustrating major turnarounds in terms of profitability and service quality.

Our services include:

  • Plan, Build and Commission Hospitals
  • Infrastructure and Facility Management (e.g. kitchen, laundry, catering, cleaning etc.)
  • Financial Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Human Resource Management (includes recruiting doctors, nurses, management and general staff) and Training of Staff Members

12. Training and Knowledge Transfer
In keeping with our core philosophy to take on projects that ensure education and knowledge transfer we empower people with the knowledge, skills and experience to sustain quality healthcare businesses that showcase best practice and innovation.

Some of our Training and Knowledge Transfer initiatives include:

  • Implementation of all job descriptions for operations staff
  • Retention and career path plans for staff
  • Training on all documented Procedures & Polices
  • Training of end-users in:
    • IT systems
    • Medical devices
    • Equipment
    • Other systems
  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategy
  • Workshops on Healthcare subjects
  • Event Production and Management