Training, Exhibition & Conferencing:

Exhibitions & Conferences:

We have played a producer / co-producer role in many Healthcare & IT conferences in Middle East and Africa.

We have participated either as a producer / co-producer / workshop leader / keynote speaker in the following exhibitions / conferences (sample list):

  • HIMSS Elsevier Award 2015 (one of the Judges)
  • Building Healthcare Conference & Exhibition 2015, Dubai (Workshop leader, Speaker)
  • Hospital Build & Infrastructure 2014 (Guest Speaker)
  • Arab Health 2013 EHR Conference (Co-producer, Workshop leader, Conference Chair)
  • Future Health Kuwait 2012 (was the co-creator of the first Kuwait Health Conference & Exhibition)
  • Africa Health 2012 (we were the co-creator of this first conference / exhibition in South Africa)


We are able to take your business idea and generate business out of the production of exhibitions / conferences in healthcare & IT.



We have developed training content in a number or focus areas and are able to offer certain certified courses:

  • TOGAF Certification & Training
  • The Fundamentals of Business Process Mapping
  • How to Establish your Enterprise Architecture Practice?
  • A Best Practice Approach to Procurement of your Technology Solutions
  • Developing your Stakeholder Management Strategy
  • How to develop your RFI / RFQ / RFP toolkits for Healthcare IT Procurement?
  • The Roadmap to achieving a HIMSS Stage 6 or 7 Certification
  • Developing your Healthcare Technology SolutionsRequirements through Collaborative Design
  • How to establish an effective Healthcare IT ProjectManagement Organization?
  • Building your Project Management Toolkit
  • The Context of Best Practice Healthcare Supply ChainManagement
  • How to Perform a Healthcare Business Strategy Assessment?
  • Understanding The Healthcare Ecosystem